Sunday, October 10, 2010

imaginary world

YES! i have a imaginary world!
and i love it.
i cannot define my imaginary world.
because only the person i love can.
she knows my imaginary world well
she knows wat i want to have in it.
she knows wat i wanna do in it..
thats why i call her my wifey.
and truely.. she is.
she is my first wife.
she is my last wife.
therefore. she is my only wife!
i love her just the way she is.



ever since i've met u. my life changed. u brighten my life. u made me see.
i really appreciate wat u had done for me. reAALY appreciate it.
im sorry bout my flaws. really.
u r the sweetest person i've ever met.
u r the most romantic person ive ever met.
u r the most caring most faithful and most truthful person.
im sorry u came so close to me. wanting me. needing me. but i wasnt there. im really sorry. i totally regret sleeping.
i smile everytime i wake up in the morning and see ur messages.
thank u for being my wifey.
thank for accepting me for who i am.
thank u very much for ur love.
im everything i am because u love me.

i really do..

Sunday, August 15, 2010


29.6.10- We have a new english teacher! Unfortunately, she will only be teaching us for 3 months! 3 MONTHS! DANG!

We've been really close. All suddenly happened after Hari Kantin. Must had been a cupid hiding somewhere. She is the awesomest person i've ever met.

She is the key to my heart.
She is my source of strength.
She is my light, that lights up my path.
She shows me the path, the right path to take.
She is my role model.
She gives me happiness.
She gives me hope.
She shows me love.
She cheers me up whenever im sad.
She teaches me, every important lessom in life.
She is my rainbow, that shows me colours in life.
She is my guardian angel sent from above.
She is my greatest friend i've ever met.
She understands.
She is able to read my mind.
She makes my days brighter.
She makes me wanna go to school.
She knows my feelings.
She hugs me to keep me warm.
She makes me believe the impossibles.
She cares about me.
She spends time with me, even if she's busy.
She makes every cat/kitten in the world feel wanted.
She cares about cats too.
She is my easiest hello and hardest goodbye.
She never leaves me.
She will always be in my heart.
She tells me the truth.
She is honest with me.
She tells me to control my hormones :]
She shows me the importance of life.
She's always there for me.
She kidnaps me! love it!
She's fun-sized. i love her!
She's beautiful on the inside and the outside.
She's really special.
She texts me. 24/7!
She's not self-centred.
She has done many awesome things in my life.
She's the reason why im happy to be a girl.
She's the reason why im able to walk.
She's the reason why im strong.
She's the reason why im not alone.
She's the reason why i have feelings.
She's the reason i am who i am.
She's kind.
She's loyal.
She's friendly.
She's romantic.
She's caring.
She's the only one that comes to my mind.
She's is the one that protects my heart.
She's the one that heals me.
She's the one that heals my broken heart.
She spends every recess with me.
She makes me feel proud to be me.
She's the perfect one for me.
She lifts me up when i am dowm.
She's the reason why i am happy evrytime i wake up.
She's the first person that i text in the morning, and last person to text at night.
She's the last piece of my jigsaw puzzle that makes my heart whole again.
She plays the most important role in my life.
She is my best teddy bear.
She has the most beautiful smile.
She has the prettiest eyes.
She has the other part of my heart.
She makes me go crazy.
She makes me go hyper.
She makes me sleep soundly.
She calls me her baby.
She has the chubbiest fingers ever.
She has the biggest dream.
She loves 4 Kenanga.
She loves her cats.
She has moods that follow the wheather.
She can make me cry of happiness.
She has the same feelings as i do.
She is a workaholic.
She has super powers.
She is one awesome person.
She has amazing drving skills.
She sings beautifully.
She used to be a cheerleader.
She's like my love bird.
She can do splits.
She named a park after me.
She's a great girl.
She is so amazing till no words can describe her.

I love her.
I will never leave you.
I will never betray her.
I will be honest with her.
I will treat her well.
I will do things that she loves and requests.
I will never forget her.
I will always keep her in my heart.
I will always remember her.
I will always keep my promises towards her.
I will be thankful for i have her.
I will listen to her.
I will not hurt her.
I will always love her with all my heart.
I will always be by her side.
I will never let her go.
I will never let her get hurt.
I will never let her feel lonely.
I will never let her feel unwanted.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


school holidays just started..

blackberry phone spoiled..
using sony ericsson..

miss c.nrl..
sien ah..

dun really know wat to say also..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

trials marks

err.. so far this is all i know..

BM -?
BI -?
sej -35%
geo -37%
kh -68%

so cha le..
i suck..
i know...
nvm la..
try again.. harder..
im not a genious..

life have not been gr8 without c.nrl
very boring in school
no where to go
giving memories..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Iko biscuits

i think im stuck with Iko biscuit..
like adicted..
its so delicious..
never knew it was that delicious..
after i ate one..
it became eating three..
i cannot stop eating..
its just so adicting..

very very sleepy these days..
dunno why
eventhough i sleep at 9 everynight..
im still tired..

i dun really like playing basketball anymore..
tell me a good reason why i should not stop
but i know something in me doesn't want me to stop..
ohh well..

life is tough..
very tough..

Saturday, August 15, 2009


she is sick!
get well soon.. get well soon..
please.. get well soon

went to school today..
was so boring..
didnt do anything...
failed my sejarah.. :]

thats all i know..
for now.

but what im worried most about is that she is sick..
slept at 4 last night..
cannot sleep..
so watch wolverine..
but still cannot sleep..
so only slept at 4..
too worried..

trials trials..
hari carnival postpone..